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Check in, Mountaineers

This semester, my Public Relations class has partnered with SCVNGR to provide 100 local businesses with free start-up subscriptions to their services to create a more engaging experience between those businesses and students.

So… SCVNGR. What is it?

SCVNGR is a location-based social network that connects consumers with businesses on a whole new level.

Essentially, SCVNGR allows consumers (anyone with a smartphone or the ability to text) have a more interactive and engaging experience with businesses whenever they visit.

SCVNGR is all about the “gamification” of real-life activities and interactions. Everyone likes passing GO and being rewarded with $200 when the play Monopoly, right? Imagine visiting a restaurant, taking a picture of your favorite appetizer, uploading that to SCVNGR (and linking it to Facebook and Twitter to share with friends) and receiving points for it. Once those points accumulate, you can earn rewards, such as a discount or free item. Just as rewarding as building a house on Boardwalk, right?

For me, that’s what separates SCVNGR from Foursquare. I never understood the point of Foursquare and always dislike whenever it clogs my Twitter feed. Whenever I heard about SVNGR, I was immediately turned off. However, after working with it for a few weeks, I see that it is a more entertaining, engaging and rewarding than simply “checking-in.” There is a point to being a SCVNGR.

Businesses can even create “treks.” Treks are modern scavenger hunts that string together businesses and locations for even bigger prizes.

Timeout: I forgot to mention: SCVNGR is FREE.

SCVNGR helps businesses form a more personal relationship with their consumers and build a greater sense of loyalty to their services or products.

SCVNGR is relatively new, but has been very successful in New England–where the company and service originated. They have even partnered with specific national businesses, such as K-Mart, Coca-Cola and Buffalo Wild Wings.

SCVNGR also created another division specific to universities, SCVNGR U. Universities across the US have created deals across campus and treks that provide a twist on the typical orientation session.

My group, entrtnU, will be focused on working with local businesses who provide entertainment to students.

So what’s next? Download, SCVNGR to your iPhone or Android and get excited to participate in challenges and earn rewards, Mountaineers.

What do you think of SCVNGR? Do you feel that it can catch on in Morgantown? Any venues or businesses you would like to see utilizing it?

Be sure to check out SCVNGR’s website, Facebook and Twitter profiles!


About EvStetter

Senior Public Relations & Spanish student at WestVirginia University working with SCVNGR during the fall 2011 semester | Excited to gain experience strategic communications! | Music, tennis, travel are passions on the side | SNL Hopeful | Conversation Specialist | Carpe Diem, ya'll |


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