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Fun and games for everyone through SCVNGR challenges

Everyone loves games. Gamification of everyday activities and interactions caters to this and is a trend that continues to grow. However, when creating challenges for consumers on SCVNGR, it is important to remember that everyone loves different kinds of games.

When I researched other challenges that businesses have already created through SCVGNR, I saw that they have many different types of challenges in places such as Buffalo Wild Wings. Not every customer will feel comfortable starting the wave and encouraging others to spread it across the entire restaurant.

With that being said, those customers who enjoy being outgoing and meeting others can help spread the use of SCVNGR and the feeling of community throughout the restaurant through challenges such as these.

One client told us that their partnership with entrtnU (in conjunction with SCVNGR and the International Town and Gown Association [ITGA]) will help them in one major way: exposure. Challenges that are flashy enough to make others take notice can make that happen. However, never underestimate the power of raising awareness of SCVNGR’s opportunities through traditional promotional items (flyers, signs, etc.) to reach those who might not feel comfortable busting a move on the ice at the ice rink to earn a few points. Each consumer’s gamification preferences are important.

When we started creating challenges, we used the classic acronym KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Challenges that can be completed with ease, such as writing about your favorite treat from the snack bar at the ice rink or snapping a photo of your friend’s reaction after they score their first strike at the bowling alley, are fun and engaging ways to earn points on SCVNGR.

The interactions between entertainment venues in Morgantown and their customers are generally very limited. If you go to the movies, you enjoy your movie after purchasing your ticket and snacks. The interaction stops there. As businesses watch activity on SCVNGR at their location increase, they will become closer with consumers and more aware of their preferences and desires from the business.

Moviegoers can post their favorite types of movies on SCVNGR and take photos of their favorite snacks to show the theater what they value whenever they visit with added personal comments attached. The theater may ask what viewers’ dream snack would be when watching movies and decide to provide ice cream once they learn that consumers would love a frozen snack.

Along with exposure, SCVNGR provides business with instant feedback, without asking them to complete a survey. The best part about this paperless feedback (other than saving trees) is that it is received seamless and friendly manner that rewards customers participating.

The bottom line is that SCVNGR allows businesses to grow—to grow in knowledge of their customers’ preferences, to grow their amount of loyal customers, to grow interaction and engagement within their business and to grow in their ability to use emerging technology and techniques like gamification and SCVGNR.


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About EvStetter

Senior Public Relations & Spanish student at WestVirginia University working with SCVNGR during the fall 2011 semester | Excited to gain experience strategic communications! | Music, tennis, travel are passions on the side | SNL Hopeful | Conversation Specialist | Carpe Diem, ya'll |


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